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How ironic is it that we have yet another race related incident that shows the extreme injustice in this American Socitey or Culture.  It's fair to say that there is a real underlying problem that keeps getting avoided and keeps us from moving on and creating better results.  I wrote the article below as we updated when the Clippers Owners incident happened.  Very Relevant principals in these stories...

We must focus on Independent Media.  TheH2OShow believes that, "We Are Trayvon!".  Facts in US Courts are not always looked at in the same way.  Americans have come a long way to fully respect each other  in race, culture, economics and many other personal places.  Every detail of society here was overshadowed with a stigma of injustice.  It still honestly looks a little dark.  After hearing the Trayvon Martin case, we think now it is even More Important for people, including Americans to educate themselves on each other; if your looking to honestly live with each other and share accurate opinions and conclusions about one another.  Commercial media is really and unfortunately biased and over shadows the truth with a lot of irrelevance and eye candy!  They mix the two quite well and very strategically.  Our networks, family, and friends need the Facts.  And Outlets of Information, not Commercial Game Play.  Out in this society you hear misguided understandings and have innocent people like Trayvon not getting justice.  Not even given a proper prosecution or representative to present the Facts Correctly and in much better detail to show Trayvon's innocence and show he was targeted by racial profiling and is actually the victim of a hate crime, not someone who was up to something like Mr Zimmerman was saying.  Trayvon was targeted and defended himself from a suspicious person calling after him.  

Now after all of that, we have Michael Brown and Eric Garner.  It really shows there are still problems we must work out with Police Peace, not excessive force and brutality.

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