A Splash Of Refreshness - Conscious Entertainment

Kemetic Science
by Dr. Shabazz

  • Fly Shit (Prod. Chuck Strangers)2:44
  • Sean Kemp2:41
  • Ghetto4:09
  • Faith Donor2:04
  • Put God First4:03
  • Supreme1:32
  • Jah Inna Mi Life3:32
  • One Blood Junior Reid3:02
  • Laws Of Attraction RMX3:33
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Earth Explained - Alchemy Simplified
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Health Healing Lecture
by Ra Un Neter Amen

This year, 2016 look forward to the release of RISEN: The Story of Chron "Hell Razah" Smith.  The Sunz of Man member and official part of the Wu-Tang Family, Heaven Razah as he also calls himself, has put together some inspiration for his fans by documenting and acknowledging the challenging times of his life.  Until it comes out you can keep up with updates on the movie's Facebook page:​

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Physics, Metaphysics & the Consciousness Connection
​by Thomas Campbell

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